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Our goal at East Coast Synthetic Turf, LLC is to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We strive to give our clients top quality and workmanship at reasonable prices. Before we begin a job, we meet with our clients and go over exactly what their expectations are.

Our entire team including the Owner and Field Technicians keep open communication with our clients at all times throughout the installation to ensure that they are more than satisfied at the end of the project.

At East Coast Synthetic Turf, LLC we value building relationships with our clients so that we can provide them with the highest personal and professional service in the industry. We realize that it is our duty to meet our clients’ expectations whether it’s a small residential synthetic lawn or a large commercial job.

East Coast Synthetic Turf, LLC will guarantee that you will receive friendly and professional service as well as quality workmanship. We are proud to offer our clients Mirage custom putting green turf and waterless grass turf, which we believe is the highest quality turf in the industry today.

Our love of the game is what inspired us to create East Coast Synthetic Turf, LLC, and it is now our goal to give you the opportunity to have a professional, custom putting green in your backyard or at your place of business to enjoy with friends and family and ultimately improving your game.

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About Mirage Putting Turf

The Birth of the “Turf of the Millennium”

The Mirage Turf System was introduced in September 1998 by Dale G. Potts. An avid golfer himself, Dale moved from the Midwest to Scottsdale, Arizona, where the weather permitted him to enjoy this sport virtually year-round. Shortly after the move, Dale installed a real “bent-grass” putting green in his own backyard.

I thought my real grass putting green would be maintenance-free. Little did I realize that I would have to mow it 4 to 5 times a week, buy a special “tiff blade” mower, aerate the green, overseed it once a year, and constantly spread it with different types of chemicals. It was a real nightmare! Because of the high maintenance, what I really needed was a full-time greenskeeper!

After about a year of fighting the maintenance of his real bent-grass putting green, Dale decided to remove it and install a synthetic putting green in his backyard. The turf material available at that time was all based on the same premise – they all needed deep layers of sand and top dressing to make the fibers stand upright. It didn’t take long before he became frustrated with certain “quirks” associated with his new synthetic putting green:

After several months of research, Dale developed the Mirage Turf System. The Mirage Turf System consists of a synthetic turf that is made of polypropylene and nylon, textured, multi-color fibers that have been naturally bent to create a real bent-grass look. The fibers stand up naturally and do not require any sand infill to help them stand up or make the putting surface smooth. The spring-set, textured fibers of this new turf have been designed to spring or “bounce back,” creating a soft, spongy surface making it realistic to chip onto.

The Mirage Putting Turf System does not require deep sand infill to create proper ball speed (our Tour-Putt product has Stimp meter readings comparable to PGA greens). Not only does the Mirage Turf look and perform more like a bent-grass putting green, it also costs less, because the installation process is not nearly as time-consuming. It is not just the turf material that makes up a professional synthetic putting green, it is the process or system of the finished product. Thus, came the birth of the Mirage Turf Putting Green System!

The Mirage Turf System is most affordable, realistic, best-performing, multi-color, bent-grass putting surface in the world.

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