Backyard Putting Greens

Why choose East Coast Synthetic Turf?

If you're serious about building a backyard putting green that is built so it will last into the future, please read this page carefully.

We focus solely on putting green installations.

We understand that you do have options when it comes to your backyard putting green. We also understand that discriminating golfers, who want the job done right, choose East Coast Synthetic Turf over the competition every single time.

1) Experience

We’ve installed backyard golf greens in virtually every situation and every outdoor climate up and down the Eastern U.S. There are numerous factors that contribute to a successful outdoor project.

With over eighteen years of experience installing backyard greens, we’ve seen it all. From the freezing winters of Vermont, to the seaside weather of Massachusetts, to the red clay of the Carolinas, to the roof top conditions of Bermuda and the brutal tropical heat of South Florida. We’ve seen it.

Putting Green w Stone Work

Every job is unique and every job has its own set of potential pitfalls.

We are located outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and our experience working in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia will serve to be beneficial to your outdoor project.

Your backyard is in our backyard!

2) Quality Turf

This is where the “rubber meets the road,” or the “turf hits the Carolina clay” in this case.

Putting Green and Landscaping

TourPutt Ultimate Putting Turf is known as the most durable and playable synthetic putting turf available anywhere. Our putting turf is the choice of Ping’s VIP Putting Lab, Matt Kuchar, Kevin Na, Chris Kirk, Rickey Barnes, Ryan Moore, Colin Montgomerie, Calloway World HQ, Jerry Kelly, Bridgestone US HQ, Puma World Headquarters, Sports Illustrated, Sensient Colors, Vivid Marketing, Golf Ball Development & Implementation at Titleist, a founding member of Sage Valley Golf Club in South Carolina, and many, many more golfers and golf organizations around the globe.

A few customers who have chosen TourPutt Ultimate Putting Turf:

Backyard Putting Greens

This professional grade putting turf is known as the best because the ball rolls pure in each and every direction. The fibers are specially made so that you get the realistic feel of a bent grass putting green. So real, in fact, that the ball actually checks up on chip and pitch shots, exactly as you would expect at your favorite golf course.

There is no unnatural grain break or matted fibers to worry about:

Backyard Putting Greens

TourPutt Ultimate Magnified to Reveal Realistic Blended Fibers

We only use Mirage TourPutt Ultimate Putting Turf. We have seen every single type of turf available in the marketplace. We have access to every type of turf in the market. We only use one. There are reasons for that.

Our Turf requires no sand infill. Sand-filled greens require annual maintenance at $450-$1,100 per year and are prone to inconsistency.

As time passes and rain beats on sand-filled greens, the sand is bound to settle in low areas. When the sand settles, it leaves some spots with too much sand and some spots with no sand. It’s a constant struggle to maintain consistency in your green.

Water also settles in low areas and creates algae and bacteria growth. needless to say, this is less than desirable.

The sand itself acts as a grinding agent and grinds the fibers of the turf in such a way that breaks down these fibers and creates “dead spots” that need to be replaced as part of the annual maintenance agreement with the installer.

Our turf does not require any infill or annual maintenance. If you were to add up the cost of maintenance for a sand-filled green over a 5-year period against our turf, you would wind up spending an extra 50% to 60% over the long term. This doesn’t even include the cost of repairing “dead spots.”

Visit here: Compare sand-filled greens and Mirage TourPutt Ultimate Putting Turf

3) 10-Year Warranty

Our TourPutt Ultimate Putting Turf is warrantied for 10 full years. That is 10 years with no maintenance other than basic dirt and leaf removal with a leaf blower.

We were asked to replace this sand-filled green in South Carolina:

Recently, one of our competitors “extended” their 3-year warranty to a 12-year warranty. However, their new warranty still only covers “trample zones” for 3 years. I guess you can only be covered for more than 3 years if you don’t walk on your green?

Just to be clear, our 10-year warranty covers your entire green, even if you plan to use it!

4) Workmanship

We are absolutely fanatical about making your backyard putting green dreams come true. When an inexperienced installer (and they are everywhere) installs your putting green, dreams become nightmares. Wrinkling, heaving, curled edges, poor seams, cheap components, “popped” cups, bad drainage schemes, and collapsed walls are just the beginning of the potential issues an inexperienced installer will leave you with.

1st and 2nd cut turfs

We have tons of experience blending varying turf heights to create gorgeous and natural looking Primary, Second and Third cuts.

Putting Green Detail Cutting

We are as dedicated to your job as you are, please visit our many photos in our gallery for visual evidence of this dedication.

Invisible Seaming – Seams are necessary and our crew has vast experience in the process of invisible seaming.

Backyard Putting Greens

There’s a seam in this picture – can you see it?

Custom Undulations – We create custom undulations so you can practice effectively on your backyard green.

Professional Service – We view each and every backyard green as the most important putting green we’ve ever created.

We pledge to treat you, your yard, and your project with as much respect as you deserve.

Putting Green and Fringe TurfWe will respect your schedule during the installation process and we guarantee that we won’t leave your yard until it truly is the backyard of your dreams.

While each job requires a lot of work and planning, we don’t view this business as a construction business. We view this business as a service business. We are here to serve you. Our crews will arrive on time and maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the entire process.

With thousands of happy customers through the years, we are happy to supply written letters of reference and a sampling of customers to call or email for a direct reference. We have nothing to hide (unlike many of our competitors).

5) Playability & Beauty

Behind the scenes, all the other points we have mentioned here are incredibly important to you. Experience, quality, warranty, and workmanship. These are the facts that create exceptional value for you.

Putting Green w Brick Border

However, long after we’ve completed your project, the playability and look of your backyard putting green will be what really matters.

We are more than happy to discuss your putting green with you at absolutely no cost or obligation.

If you would like a sampling of photos, names, and contact info for some of our previous customers, feel free to fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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