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Artificial Putting Green and Synthetic Landscape Installation

Installing an artificial putting green is a highly specialized process but it doesn’t need to be a headache for the homeowner.

At East Coast Synthetic Turf, all we do is putting green and artificial grass installs. We concentrate solely on these specialties and we are proud to have over 18 years of experience in this area.

Putting Green Detail Cutting

As you can see in many of the pictures of our previous work, there are certain circumstances where we build retaining walls and hardscapes. We have groups we work with who have years of experience in this area. We mainly handle this work in order to facilitate the primary focus, which is putting greens.

Specialization in the area of artificial putting green installation gives us a particular edge over our competition. Our crews are highly knowledgeable and skilled in this one particular area. We don’t feel it serves our customers well if we are mowing lawns on one day and then installing putting greens the next.

Let’s discuss the process and how this whole sequence goes, from the day you first visit this website to the day you are putting on your brand new backyard green.

Where does East Coast Synthetic Turf install putting greens?

Our main service areas for artificial putting green installs are North Carolina, South Carolina, Southern Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, and North Georgia. We are proud to have hundreds of satisfied customers in each of these areas.

Service Area North Carolina and South Carolina

How much does it cost to install an artificial putting green?

There are numerous factors that contribute to the cost of an install, far too many to list here. During the last year we have installed putting greens which ranged in price from $3,000 to as high as $100,000 plus.

Synthetic Green Install

Yes, that is a pretty wide range. Some areas are completely flat with great drainage and the customer only wants a simple green with a small amount of fringe. Some installs are on the side of a mountain and massive retaining walls need to be erected to support the putting green complex. Some customers want multiple tee boxes with multiple bunkers and a massive 3,000 sq. ft. putting green.

With that said, it is impossible to simply throw a number out there and say “here is the average.” We will, however, always work hard to get you the most value and features for your budget.

From the pictures it appears as though you only handle high-end. Is this true?

We will build putting greens of all sizes to satisfy all budgets. Our primary focus is on the upper end of the spectrum, however. Putting greens are typically considered a luxury item and most of our installs just so happen to be for high-end customers.

To go a little deeper on this subject. Occasionally customers will ask us if we offer a low-grade turf in order to cut costs. The answer to this is simply: no way. We have worked with TourPutt Ultimate for years and we will not consider sacrificing the quality and functionality that we know.

Artificial Lawn Installation North Carolina aa

I have an existing synthetic putting green from another company. Do you replace older greens?

Yes, we replace older putting greens all the time. We also specialize in replacing sand filled putting greens. If you have an existing putting green with a solid base complex, you will save money on the installation. We do need to do a thorough examination of the previously installed base prior to bidding these projects.

I’m pretty handy and I would like to prep the area for install. Is this okay?

Yes, we do installs where the customer preps the base prior to our install of the putting surface. However, it is important to note that we cannot warranty the workmanship on the base in these cases. We would also ask that we collaborate with you on materials and sub-base composition in these cases, simply to be sure that best practices are adhered to.

How do we start the process of hiring you to install a putting green?

Step One:

Simply fill out the contact form on any of the pages, the one below, or on the contact us page.

Step Two:

We will be in touch with you shortly, usually within a few hours, to discuss your project and explain what we can over the phone. At this time we will schedule an appointment to come out and view your property and take pictures.

If you would like to rush this part, you can prepare some pictures and email them to us. You would want at least 4 pictures of the area from all available angles. When snapping pictures please make note and convey to us the presence of underground irrigation or similar underground utilities. Also, please note which trees or flower beds you may want removed or replaced in a new spot.

Step Three:

We will want to discuss size and budget with you when we visit with you at your home. We want to make sure that we can design a practice area that fits your needs and budget. Please set aside at least 30 minutes for the in-person consult.

Please understand that we will never rush you or use any high pressure sales tricks. This isn’t how we do business and it’s not how we like to be treated. Our focus is on delivering what you want, on your budget. We will certainly help you with suggestions based on our experience, but we won’t push you to spend more than you are seeking to spend.

How We WorkStep Four:

We develop a proposal with a color sketch of your putting green concept. All the details of the job including materials, estimated time on site, size of green, and size of fringe and artificial grass areas will be included with a firm budget.

We will never bait and switch you with surprises at the end. The estimate in the proposal is what you can expect. It is important to note that if you request changes or additional work, we will let you know prior to starting this work what the additional cost may be. It will be your decision as to whether the extra work be done.

Step Five:

Once you agree on the design and budget we ask that you sign the proposal and issue a deposit in order to schedule a crew for the work. We will come out to your home to discuss the details of the proposal and pick up the deposit check. Deposits are normally collected via check but we do accept major credit cards as well.

Another important note, you can expect our crews on site on the day we say we will be there. There are special circumstances where weather can delay a project but we will communicate this with you in the event it were to happen.

On many jobs we need to bring in equipment to move materials, dig bunkers, and level the install area. In the event of heavy rain for instance, we will consider the fact that our equipment can do damage to your lawn or surrounding natural landscape. In this case a delay can happen but we will always let you know why and how long.

Step Six:

Dependent on the size of the job, our crew will be installing the putting green for 1-2 days for smaller jobs and 2-5 days for larger jobs. On average we are in and out in 3 days or less.

Your lawn and natural landscape will be in exactly the condition it was prior to our arrival. We won’t leave a mess of the natural turf after install.

Step Seven:

We will visit the green with you upon completion to verify that each detail is in place and that the green fits your expectations. Your green will usually be in full working order within 24 hours of completion. Once the work is complete, we will request a check for the balance of the work order.

Putting Green and Landscaping

In all cases, the owner of East Coast Synthetic Turf will be on site for a considerable portion of the project, always for the beginning and the end of the project. You can rest assured that there will be someone on site that cares as much about your green as you do.

Customer service is our focus and it is at the very core of every installation.

All proposals and artificial putting green installation estimates are available free of charge and there is no obligation of any kind on your part.

If you’re ready to turn your backyard into a golfer’s paradise, fill out the form below and our VP of Sales in Charlotte, NC, Matt McGee, will be in touch with you shortly. If you simply have a few questions before you get started, give us a call at (704) 464-1895 and we’ll be more than happy answer any questions you may have.

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