Artificial Grass

Do you wake up early on Saturdays to mow your lawn? Do you pay a landscaping company $50 per week to mow your lawn for you? You may want to consider an artificial lawn from East Coast Synthetic Turf!

We stock landscape and artificial turf lawn products ranging from .875" to over 2" inches height, in multiple color variations to match any desired look or surrounding area. Infill is never a requirement with our products, saving you install costs and annual maintenance and reconditioning fees.

Here are a few situations where artificial grass works perfectly:
  • Complicated walkways
  • High shade areas
  • Hard, dry clay beds
  • Areas where you can't control weeds
  • In and around patios and hardscapes
  • Fenced-in pool areas
  • Backyard play areas - Safe for children!
  • Pet areas - Completely pet safe!
  • Large open areas you're sick of mowing
  • Commercial or municipal playgrounds
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