Indoor Putting Greens

We can build a permanent putting green in your home or ship you an indoor portable putting green that can travel with you!

Visit, our website 100% dedicated to pre-packaged indoor putting greens. We design, build, and ship top-quality golf greens from our shop in North Carolina to your doorstep.

Does the ball actually drop into a cup?

Yes! This is where thoughtful design comes in. The turf itself is approximately .625 of an inch, our proprietary high-quality, no bounce, interlocking base is a full 2.0 inches thick, and the shim itself runs from .25 to 1.00 inches thick.

This allows for the ball to drop into the cup that is a bit deeper than 2.75 inches deep without the need for an expensive and cumbersome custom-made platform.

This design provides for the most realistic putting and chipping experience you will find in an indoor artificial putting surface.

How do I transport your putting greens?

Very easily! The actual putting surface turf rolls into a tube shape for delivery. The base is interlocking and comes in 23 inch by 23 inch by 2 inch-thick squares.

The square base pieces and the shim pieces pack into a box with handles and the actual putting surface fits into its own tube-shaped bag.

Can my synthetic green have breaks and undulations?

Absolutely! Pro Putt putting greens are made to look just like real grass tour greens including break and undulation. We provide you with a completely customizable and easy-to-use “shim” system that comes included with your purchase.

Are the greens easy to set up?

Yes, the entire backing system fits together like a puzzle and high-quality Velcro holds the putting surface firmly in place. All the necessary aesthetic molding fits together with Velcro as well. The entire set up takes approximately 12 minutes and breakdown is approximately 20 minutes.

How long do your greens take to ship?

We can have the green at your home or office within 7-10 days, sometimes less. Each one of our greens is handmade to your specs and even our standard sizes are handmade right here in the U.S. at our shop. Given the size and shape of the green, special shipping via UPS is needed. Shipping is an additional charge and runs approximately $60 – $100, but we DO NOT up-charge the shipping you will receive the actual invoice from UPS.

Can I order a custom size and shape green?

No problem whatsoever. We can provide you with any shape and size you need and the cost per square foot remains the same or less as our standard sizes.

Why is Mirage TourPutt Turf different from conventional artificial turf?

The major difference between Mirage turf and other synthetic grass products begins with the manufacturing process. Our specially designed spring set turf fibers are manufactured to interlock, creating a realistic bent Grass look and feel, exactly like the “real bent grass” greens you love to play on.

Indoor Putting Greens

How realistic is Mirage Synthetic Turf?

Mirage Turf is so realistic, we have manufactured “mower and grain pattern marks” right in the turf product! Our new Mirage TourPutt amazingly requires no deep sand in-fill, and it putts at the same speed as PGA Tour greens. The Mirage TourPutt turf is the most realistic artificial bent-grass turf on the market.

Can I choose what my artificial green rolls on a Stimpmeter?

We deliver two variations of our turf:

Does the Mirage Turf hold up in outdoor environments?

Mirage Turf is assembled using the finest UV-treated polypropylene and nylon, water-resistant fibers. Our turf carries a 10-year limited warranty against excessive wear and fading, and resists normal rain, snow, wind, freeze, and sun. Mirage Turf has been installed everywhere; from the freezing climates of Canada, to the hot and dry deserts of Arizona, to rainy and humid areas such as Hawaii and Florida.

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