Replacing Sand-Filled Greens

Replacing Sand-Filled Greens

Feb 22, 2017

At East Coast Synthetic Turf, we are often called in to replace sand-filled putting greens with our Mirage TourPutt Ultimate Turf. Mirage TourPutt is known as the most innovative artificial putting turf on Earth. Mainly because the dynamic spring set fibers remain in place without needing to top-dress or “weigh down” the putting surface with heavy sand.

Replacing Sand-Filled Greens

Before: Sand-Filled Putting Green

Replacing Sand-Filled Greens

After: Replaced with TourPutt Ultimate

Recently a customer in South Carolina gave us a call and mentioned he had a problem with his backyard green, so we went out and took a look. We grabbed a sample of his existing turf and took it back to the office.

Replacing Sand-Filled Greens

Close-up of sand-filled putting turf to replace

As you can see in the image above, sand-filled putting turf is very loose and uneven. The process of laying sand-filled greens requires that each square foot of turf be top-dressed with approximately 7 pounds of sand. They lay out the surface and then work tons of sand into the green in order to get the fibers to stand up and for the lightweight and inexpensive turf to actually lay flat.

The turf in the image above is just 4 years old and it has already degraded significantly.

If you’re considering a sand-filled putting green, you may want to read the fine print. These greens require annual maintenance and this creates a residual income stream for the installer. The cost of maintaining a sand-filled green will range between $350 – $700 per year for the entire life of the green. The annual maintenance will vary dependent on the size of the putting green.

The customer in this case was sick of the expensive maintenance and he felt as though he wasn’t getting effective practice due to the green’s inconsistency.

So, we eliminated his annual maintenance and inconsistent putting surface:

And replaced it with beautiful and maintenance free Mirage TourPutt Ultimate:

These two pictures were taken with the exact same camera and just a few days apart. The difference of the look is pretty noticeable.

If you’re interested in replacing your top-dressed putting green with Mirage turf in the North Carolina and South Carolina area, give us a call for special pricing.

Let’s stack Mirage TourPutt against a Major Sand-Filled Company:

Mirage TourPutt Sand-Filled Co.


10 years

5 years


Mutli-Color Natural

Single Color

Initial Cost:



Maintenance Agreement:


$350 – $700/yr


100% All Directions

Not Consistent

Built In Cost of Paid Endorsements:


$Big Bucks$

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