Apartment Complex Putting Greens

Apartment Complex Putting Greens

Feb 22, 2017

Are you looking for a way to give your apartment complex a competitive advantage over the competition?

Are you looking to attract high value occupants with an amenity that won’t cost you an arm and a leg in maintenance and up-keep?

  • Golf is played by 40,000,000 Americans and is considered the “Favorite Sport” of 28,000,000 Americans.
  • The Carolinas PGA Section is the largest of the 41 PGA Sections in the entire United States.
  • The Golf Channel is the most profitable single sport focus TV channel in the world. It is also the fastest growing TV network in the United States.
  • Direct Economic Impact of the golf industry on the US Economy in 2008 was $76,000,000,000 ($76 Billion).
  • The PGA of America, in conjunction with the PGA Tour and many other major golf organizations is involved in a push to raise $100,000,000 in 2012 to promote the game to new players and young players. The future is bright for golf.
  • Only the NFL earns more single event sports related National TV dollars than the PGA Tour in the United States.
  • Virtually every major apartment facility has a pool and a workout area, less than 1% have a putting green. Yet, the right putting green is a one time expense that will last for a decade under normal conditions and stimulate occupancy rates in a Prime Income Demographic.

“The average golfing family earns nearly twice as much household income as a non-golfing family.¬†Yet, home ownership rates among golfers are exactly the same as non-golfers at 67%.”

East Coast Synthetic Turf is the leading Mid-Atlantic commercial putting green installation company.

If you own or operate a luxury apartment community and you don’t have a synthetic putting green on your property, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Apartment Complex Putting Greens

We are the choice of savvy multi-family operators in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The reasons are simple:

  • Our putting turf requires virtually no maintenance (stack sand-filled v our turf)
  • Our putting turf is not only maintenance free, it lasts more than a decadce in outdoor environments
  • Our turf is considered the most playable and realisitc putting surface in the world
  • Our prices are affordable and our workmanship is second to none
  • We have the experience you require, you don’t want to deal with a rookie

Apartment Complex Putting Greens

Not only do we build beautiful synthetic putting greens but we install artificial grass as well.

Apartment Complex Putting Greens

So, you get the idea that we have the experience and the workmanship to get your job done right and on time. But how is the actual turf? Your residents want a good putting surface, correct?

Apartment Complex Putting Greens

If you’re interested in more information about a putting green for your apartment community, feel free to call our VP of Sales Matt McGee at (704) 237-3670.

We can provide a no obligation consultation and quote to determine the best putting green for your needs.

Where putting greens are typically installed:

  • Large open areas
  • Courtyards
  • Within outdoor pool areas
  • Large indoor common areas and lobbies
  • Rooftops
  • Decks and patios
  • Basements
  • Building entryways
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