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    Sharee M.
    Project Date: September 2014
    "I have had my artificial grass in place for over a year now. After a year, I can say I have had enough time to thoroughly experience how the grass does in all seasons and all types of weather. I LOVE THIS GRASS!!! When I first started the project, I researched all types of artificial grass, met with several local installers, tested samples, and learned more about artificial grass than I ever wanted to learn. I chose East Coast Synthetic because their grass felt natural, did not require infill, was the least hot to step on in the middle of summer day heat. East Coast Turf understood that I wanted a yard for doing Agility with my dogs but that I also wanted a yard that would not look like a putt putt golf course gone wild. They gave me a yard that upon close inspection is not real, but in reality is more enjoyable and requires less work than a real yard. As the snow melts and makes a mud pile of most natural yards, my ECT yard drains the snow, no mud!!!! Same for 12 days of rain. With a regular yard, sending the dogs out in melting snow or days of rain would mean an hour of cleaning up after them. No more!!! The savings of never watering, never mowing, never seeding is awesome!!! Stepping on the grass in my bare feet is still a pleasure. After one year, shrinkage is a non factor. Buckling is not an issue. There has been no fading of the color. The dogs have used it like a regular lawn. After 1 year there are no stains and no urine smells. The grass has not become flat; the blades still stand up. My dog love it!!! I love it!! And everyone that visits me and sees my yard is "green" with envy."
    Tim S.
    Project Date: September 2015
    "What an amazing product and company! Not only does everything look great from both the green we put in and the playground area but the customer service and follow-up was and still is incredible. I've always told Pat that he could use my yard as a showcase example for any of his customers to show what an amazing job him and his crew did."
    Cobalt DBS
    Project Date: May 2014
    "I was unsure for a long time whether I wanted to make the investment to install dog-friendly synthetic turf in our backyard. After having East Coast Synthetic Turf install the turf, I wish I had the job done much sooner. The product they provided is of superior quality. Looks similar to real grass. And the installation has withstood our large dogs running around and enjoying their lawn and have not been able to destroy it in any way. We still have a beautiful, always green and pretty back yard that all our friends and neighbors envy."
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